Hi I am Gemma Quinn, Australia’s first certified KonMari consultant. 


I am passionate about providing personalized solutions to life organization, and have a genuine interest in people, their lifestyle, their space and attachment to objects. I also I love good design, and beautiful things. 

As a home and life organizational consultant, I am here to help you manage life’s operational challenges so that daily life can flow with ease, and you can really concentrate more on the things you find the most important. I use the KonMari method, but am mindful of human-centred design principles, to help you promote order, good processes for day-to-day tasks, and reduce stress and conflict about the running of the household.



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- pablo picasso


My approach draws upon over 15 years of experience in business operations and human resources management within design and creative industries.  I have excelled in my work with leading teams to work together more effectively and efficiently, in some rather complex workplace cultures. What I found most exciting from these experiences was being able to connect with people, help them become better organized, and ultimately, become happier as individuals and as teams.

Both my work experiences and my own life experiences have led me to develop a home and life organizational consultancy. I know in my own life that tidying up and de-cluttering is about so much more than clearing out excess objects and having tidy drawers. The impact is much deeper, and affects your mind, body, and behavior. I find it an honour and privilege to be in a position where I can assist others to experience these benefits in their own homes and lives. Read my story here


Much love,