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Melbourne & Brisbane, Australia

You, me and KonMari™

Looking for a KonMari™ Consultant? Here’s what you’ll get from working with me:


With my help you’ll begin to visualize your ideal lifestyle and feel motivated to achieve your goals. You’ll gain a new awareness of yourself and feel motivated to navigate towards your dream of a functional, beautiful home.


You’ll find my style clear, honest and open. This clarity will give you a fresh perspective, enabling you to see the things in your home and re-evaluate the way you live, in an informed and inspired way.  


We will have fun together re-discovering the things that matter most to you, unlocking the stories you have with your belongings, and connecting with how they make you feel.


You’ll feel empowered to make positive choices about what to keep, and what to let go that will influence your future behaviours long after I’ve left. No more guilt!


I bring whole toolkit of resources and a wealth of experience to help you maximise your potential and unlock the hidden joy in your home. You’ll find that I understand how your feeling, because I’ve done this myself.


The end result is a beautiful space filled with things you love. You’ll feel relieved of the stresses and anxieties that were hidden in your home, giving you a sense of peace and tranquility to live your life to the fullest.

My services

Embarking on the KonMari™ journey is a commitment to yourself, and as such should to be as individual as you are. My tailored approach includes:

1:1 In-home Consultation

I work with you in your home, category by category, keeping what sparks joy and letting go of the rest. Sessions can close together or be spread out of a period of weeks or months to suit your schedule. Be prepared for a journey of discovery as you reconnect with the everyday things that matter most and learn new systems and mindsets for managing your home.

KonMari™ Deep Dive

I have designed this specialized KonMari™ deep dive/immersion for busy people who want results fast, travelling as far as London, Los Angeles and beyond to help my clients embark on their KonMari™ journey.  I stay in your local area and come to your home each day for a period of five days (or more) for a half or full day session. Following the same category by category approach, this challenging and rewarding experience works like a rapid detox enabling us to work together in a focused, concentrated way to get results.

Virtual Coaching

The world is a big place, but it’s getting smaller! No matter where you are based I run remote coaching sessions through Skype. These are a great way for clients to brush up on their KonMari™ skills, ask questions and continue to tidy their home long after I’ve left!

Speaking and Media

I love sharing my passion for all things KonMari! Please feel free to get in touch to talk about speaking opportunities, and media enquiries.

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